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Our Team


Yang Xu

Managing Director

As the former COO of IPCN Ltd, Yang Xu has contributed to the delivery of over 40 TV formats to the Chinese market including China's Got Talent, The Voice of China, The Cube, So You Think You Can Dance, I Love My Country, Mad for Music, Supernanny, China's Next Top Model, Sing Off, and Dragon's Den. The Voice of China has become the most successful TV show in Chinese television history, averaging 200 million viewers.

Xiguo Qin

VP Lighthouse Nation Beijing

Senior Film and Television Cultural Resource coordinator, writer / screenwriter educator. Formerly editor of content and copyright operation of Shangda Literature Website, member of the training department of the TV Screenwriting Committee of China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television. He has Helped contracted author publish more than 200 books and sold over 10 film and television copyrights. Xiguo has organized more than 100 film and TV trainings domestically and internationally and has trained over 2,000 screenwriters. He has built the most complete script library in China including works from screenwriters at different levels, senior screenwriters, cutting-edge screenwriters, and potential newcomer screenwriters; a library of tens of thousands of novels and scripts. He has also maintained a friendly and cooperative relationship with hundreds of film and tv production companies.


Weiwei Si

Creative Director

After graduating from the School of Film & TV and The London Film School, Weiwei started his career in documentary, working on many international award-winning documentaries for ITV, BBC, Discovery, NatGeo and Travel Channel as an assistant producer and executive producer for 6 years. He quickly moved to feature films as a 1st assistant director, assistant producer and executive producer, collaborating with many talented and Oscar winning and nominated directors and producers, such as Werner Herzog, Sam Mendes, Mike Figgis and Chinese female director/actress Xu Jinglei.
Credits include: Skyfall, Somewhere Only We Know, Dual Crisis, Honeymooner, The Wild Blue Yonder, Edwardians in Colour, Raging Planet, Ancient Warfare.

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