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What We Do

Together with our international partners across film, TV, theatre and digital media sectors, we provide the following services to the Chinese media market.


Training and Consultancy

Lighthouse Nation Academy runs in Beijing in a form of a paid membership club which has gathered thousands industry creatives across all media sectors across the country. Over the years we have organised hundreds of workshops, training programmes, development workshops and masterclasses featuring world's top media experts to help the Chinese creative community to grow together. We have also provided consultancy and trailor-made training programmes for top broadcasters and media entity like Hunan TV, CMG (China Media Group, formerly CCTV), ,, Dragon TV and many more.


Production Service

We help Chinese clients to film anywhere outside of Mainland China. We tailor-make service packages for the clients from China according to their specific filming needs including but not limited to location, logistics, filming, accounting, legal as well as casting services.



We help clients in China to develop formats for TV entertainment series,  and script for film, TV, digital and theatre projects.


Sales and Distribution

We help to promote and sell Chinese language content around the world.

Join us if you are interested in providing the following services to Chinese market: 
1. script development for film and TV/online series
2. format development for TV/online broadcasters
3. production services
4. production consultancy
5. providing training and workshops
6. international sales and distribution

Services: Services

Featured Clients

small amount of clients we have worked with...

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