Lighthouse Nation (粼国传媒) 是于2014年成立于伦敦的一家集汇聚全球影视创意人才资源,影视顾问和培训,影视制作,原创影视项目研发与孵化为一体的综合型企业。 中国部位于北京。创办以来粼国成功举办了上百场高端的影视行业培训课程、大师班、工作坊等,邀请了数十位欧美及日韩资深行业精英导师同中国数千位行业从业人员进行了深度交流; 粼国为爱奇艺热播的时尚真人秀节目《爱上超模》的英伦季以及腾讯的《爸妈学前班》提供了在英期间的全程拍摄服务; 2018年粼国成立剧本工作室、为广大影视行业提供剧本孵化服务。

Lighthouse Nation is a London based media company that focuses on connecting China with world's leading creative resources, offering training & consultancy, production services to Chinese film and TV industries and provide funding to project development process. Since 2014 we have organised hundreds high quality workshops, training classes that connected over 60 international filmmakers and thousands Chinese industry professionals; we also provided the entire production service for the top rated fashion reality format i,Supermodel for and Nice Parent for Tecent;


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